We are an all-volunteer rescue group devoted to rescuing homeless, abandoned and abused cats and finding loving new homes for them. We have a special love for Maine Coons, but we rescue all types of cats in need. Learn more

Spotlight Cats

Hi! My name is Landon and you can see that I’m a handsome lad with an impressive set of whiskers, stunning amber eye-liner lined eyes, and quite the fluffy coat. What you don’t see about me is my very friendly and happy nature, my love of petting – especially along my back and neck scratches – and how quickly I purr when you greet me.

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Hi! My name is Isabella and I’m a classic Maine Coon (mix) kitty, with my eyeliner-lined amber eyes, fluffy ruff, and sweet spirit. You might note that I look a bit thin…and I have quite the story, except the only part that you know about is that I was adopted from Maine Coon Adoptions (MCA) when I was younger…and then, in September 2019, I was found wandering in a field on Long Island – that’s right, all the way across the country by New York City!

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Shy Cats

Kitties with big personalities usually get adopted pretty quickly. Shy cats tend to hide, and they don’t do the things that help more gregarious cats get adopted. So, they may wait and wait to find the right family. These kitties just need time and patience for their sweet personalities to bloom. Please check out some of our shyer kitties

Rescue Tails

EVEREST, a sweet orange boy, was rescued from the streets of East LA, making his way north to MCA.  Due to his good looks and great personality, he seemed primed for a quick adoption. But, a mysterious health issue complicated matters for this beautiful, personable  kitty . . .  Learn more

Like so many rescue kitties, Odysseus had a rough start in life and has had to overcome some pretty serious obstacles. Found by one of MCA’s volunteers at her workplace in Oakland, this sweet little fellow was in bad shape with a serious infection in both eyes when we got him . . . .   Learn more