We are an all-volunteer rescue group devoted to rescuing homeless, abandoned and abused cats and finding loving new homes for them. We have a special love for Maine Coons, but we rescue all types of cats in need. Learn more


Spotlight Cat

Hi there! My name is James Dean. You may remember the famous (and very handsome) actor of the same name. Well, I’m quite handsome myself, with my tabby markings and fabulous white chest.  Learn more

Shy Cats

I’m Wally

Kitties with big personalities usually get adopted pretty quickly. Shy cats tend to hide, and they don’t do the things that help more gregarious cats get adopted. So, they may wait and wait to find the right family. These kitties just need time and patience for their sweet personalities to bloom. Please check out some of our shyer kitties

Rescue Tails

Evie was rescued from a drain pipe by firefighters in Los Angeles.  She came to us tired, stressed and weighing less than 2 pounds.  Within just a few days, though, she was showing her true personality — a wonderful mix of sweetness and ferocity!   Learn more

Garrison was so terrified when he was rescued, he seemed frozen.  You could put him down and he wouldn’t move a muscle for 24 hours.  The love and care of our Kitty Cuddlers and his fosters gradually freed him from his terror, and he became full of life, spirit and energy.  Learn more