Shy Cats

Shy Cats

Meet Vigo!

Hi there! My name is Vigo and I’ve had quite the journey since I came to Maine Coon Adoptions. I was kind of grumpy and aggressive and shy, all at once.  Then we found out that I had a serious medical condition that I’d had since I was born…and thanks to my vet who is a skilled surgeon, that condition has been taken care of, and I feel like a million bucks these days!  In fact, in all my days of living, I have never ever felt better! My foster Moms say that “I am just coming into my own!”  I love to play with the wand toy – I will jump high to get the blue mouse at the end of the wand toy. My video demonstrates my jumping technique!  I enjoy a good head and cheek rub. When I’m mellow, I will curl up in my chair and will lay on my back for a chin and neck massage, and an occasional tummy rub.  I’m still nervous at times, so I will thrive as a single kitty in an adult-only home. My new family needs to have experience with kitties – not just having grown up with kitties but as adults. Oh, and I am on a wet food only diet of special food that I need to stay on, doctor’s orders😊 I was born in October 2016 and I am neutered, up to date with my vaccines, tested negative for FIV and FELV, and microchipped. I’ve also just had some dental work done so my teeth are super healthy – like the rest of me!!

Meet Henrietta!

Hi there, I’m Henrietta. You can see how much I love to get affection in my video: The photographer thought she was here to take my photos, but really, she was just here to pet me! Every time I headbutted her camera, I got more pets! So guess what I kept doing… 😊 I have a glossy, fluffy black coat, a magnificent ruff, and big bright jade-green eyes. Since my coat is so beautifully thick and fluffy, I need regular grooming to look and feel my best. I am shy at first, but if we take it slow, get to know each other, and you regularly pet and brush me, we will be the best of friends! I love chin scratches, head scratches, full body brushing, and I’ll even let you gently stroke my cloud-soft tummy! I will thrive in a quieter home and I’d love to have another kitty in my life. No dogs or children, please! I was born in April 2016 and I am spayed, up to date with my vaccines, tested negative for FIV and FELV, and microchip.




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