Rescue Tails

Rescue Tails

When Everest, a sweet, orange kitty, was rescued by MCA from the streets of east LA, this big lug of a boy seemed a sure bet for a swift adoption. However, he suffered from a medical condition that took some time to diagnose and remained in foster care throughout that process. Unfortunately, MCA’s vet eventually determined that Everest had an untreatable nasal sarcoma. Since most adopters aren’t looking for a kitty with a known terminal condition, adoption was an unlikely outcome for this boy.

Luckily, Todd (an MCA volunteer) and Miki opened their hearts to Everest, providing a loving, forever, hospice foster home for him with their two other wonderful orange kitties, Poochie and Boo.  The whole family welcomed him with open arms – and paws – and Everest fit right in. Todd and Miki report that Everest really seems to enjoy life, eating well, playing and just chilling. He loves when Poochie grooms him and when Boo snuggles up to him when he sleeps.

In return for the love and attention he gets from his family, Everest gives love and affection in return, including deigning to dress in costume for Halloween! No one knows how much time Everest has left, but he, his family, and everyone at MCA are all grateful for the second chance he got at life. Everest is certainly making the most of it!

Like so many rescue kitties, Odysseus had a rough start in life and has had to overcome some pretty serious obstacles. Found by one of MCA’s volunteers at her workplace in Oakland, this sweet little fellow was in bad shape with a serious infection in both eyes when we got him. Although he was whisked in to see MCA’s vet right away, there was nothing that could be done to save his eyesight and, as a result, Odysseus is completely blind.

But this boy has not let his lack of sight slow him down or limit his activity one bit! Making up for his “handicap,” Odysseus uses his sharp hearing and acute sense of smell to learn about and explore his world and he adjusts to his environment very quickly. And he just loves to play! It’s amazing to see him listening to his ball roll over the carpet, then run after and capture it!

Odysseus is confident and curious, outgoing and social – and he absolutely loves people and warms up to them very quickly. It’s not surprising then, that when Phoenix and Brennan met this adorable boy, they couldn’t resist his wonderful spirit, trusting nature – and his love of cuddles!  The couple quickly decided to adopt this sweet boy. Odysseus settled in quickly, exploring and learning his way around his new forever home. More importantly, he’s enjoying being doted on by his loving, forever family. Despite his tough start, Odysseus has had a dream ending to his story.