How to Adopt

  • We only adopt to applicants in the state of California.  (See Adoption Application for further limitations regarding the geographical area we serve.)
  • Adopters should be willing to travel to the San Francisco Bay area to meet cats.
  • We adopt to indoor-only homes.

Maine Coon Adoptions (MCA) concurs with a growing number of animal rescue groups, veterinarians and environmental organizations that encourage families to keep their cats indoors.  Because indoor cats live longer and healthier lives, MCA adopts to indoor-only homes. This means INDOORS ALL THE TIME.  If NEVER letting your cat outdoors does not suit your household, please let us refer you to other organizations whose adoption contract does not require you to keep your cats indoors at all times.

How to Adopt

Every prospective adopter is interviewed by one of our volunteer adoption counselors.  Our goal is to match the right kitty with the right family.

Let’s get started!

num1 Fill out an application and an Adoption Counselor will be in touch. You don’t need to decide on a kitty yet. We can help you find the right cat.

num2 Meet the kitties you’re interested in. Once you’re approved to adopt, you can meet cats in their foster home. You also can meet cats at our adoption fairs before being approved, but you can only take a cat home from a fair if you’re approved to adopt.

num3 Take your new kitty home to start a great life together. When you pick up your new kitty, please bring a hard-sided carrier and a photo ID.

Adoption Fees
  • $160 for kittens up to one year old
  • $135 for healthy cats from one to eight years old
  • $110 for mature cats over eight years old or special-needs cats
  • $225 for purebreds

Pay Adoption Fee Online
Or pay by check or cash when you pick up your kitty.

Our adoption fees typically cover less than 15% of vet exams, testing, vaccinations, spay/neutering and other necessary vet treatments. We rely heavily on donations to help us rescue more kitties. Please consider making a donation when you pay the adoption fee.