Shy Cats

Shy Cats

Meet Magnus!

Hi there! My name is Magnus and did you know it means, “great,” or “greatest”?  Please know that I did not give that name to myself…my foster Mom took one look at my magnificent coat and my lo-o-o-ng body that weighs in at twelve pounds, noted my distuished (almost regal) bearing…and thought of the name “Magnus.”  Have you ever notice how people can ‘grow” into their names?  Since I am shy in new situations, my name is helping me grow in confidence.  I do love pets and affection and I’m quick to turn over on my back for a tummy rub – and I’ll even roll back and forth on my back, purring, as you pet me!  I was born in March 2016 and I’m up to date with my vaccines, neutered, tested negative, and microchipped. Here’s my video   I’m fine with other kitties and I can be a single cat too. I may be ok with dogs and cat-experienced children too.

Meet Bogie!

Hi there! My name is Bogie. As you may know, there was an actor named Humphrey Bogart that everybody called “Bogie.” He was in love with a woman named Lauren Bacall, so everybody called them “Bogie and Bacall.” Well, my name is Bogie and I’m looking for my Bacall! Unlike the actor Bogie who was full of swagger and kind of a ‘tough guy’ persona, I love laps, pets and cuddling. I am shy with new people…I’ll need some reassurance and a day or two of being petted, and then my super loving personality emerges! I love being loved! I purr constantly when getting pets and scratches – and I will even trill! I’ll show you my love with some gentle head butts and I’ll nuzzle my head under your chin. If you’d like to see me in action, here’s my video: I was born in March 2010, which means that I’m about forty-eight in human years. I’ve had some dental work done, and my blood work showed that my liver, kidney and thyroid are all very healthy. I’ve lived with another kitty and I did fine. I haven’t been around dogs and I’m probably ok with older, cat-savvy children.

I am living in a private foster home, not a shelter, so prospective adopters need to be approved to visit me there. Please fill out an adoption application

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