Rescue Tails

Rescue Tails

Evie was rescued from a drain pipe by firefighters as you can see in the video below!

She came to us tired, stressed and weighing less than 2 pounds.  Within just a few days, though, she was showing her true personality — a wonderful mix of sweetness and ferocity!  She purred almost constantly and loved to run, jump and play.  No kitty enjoyed a good chase of her own tail more than Evie, but she also loved human laps and petting as you can see from this video

It took awhile to find the right home for Evie, but an adopter came along who had a special affinity for firefighters due to help they’d given her in her own life. She felt Evie was meant to be with her and her other kitty, a playful 10-year-old name Milo.  Match made in heaven!  Here’s the intrepid adventurer peering down from her tower, inviting one and all to play.

Garrison was so terrified when he was rescued, he seemed frozen.  You could put him down and he wouldn’t move a muscle for 24 hours. 

He still looked pretty scared in the photo we took of him for his adoption ad.  But look at him after our Kitty Cuddlers and fosters patiently gave him all the love and care he needed!  Full of life, spirit and energy, he plays non-stop.  Garrison on YouTube.

Fosters Barry and Kathleen took things very slowly with him and helped him overcome his PTSD – yes, animals can suffer from PTSD, too.  This is what foster care is often all about – helping a kitty learn to trust and hope again – and enjoy life.  Sometimes these kitties come to us – easy going, confident, they just need a bit of time and they are ready for adoption. Other kitties come to us severely traumatized.  That’s where our Kitty Cuddlers and fosters step in, not just providing care and food, but sensing a kitty’s fears and anxieties so that it can recover emotionally, spiritually, psychologically from past trauma.

It’s an especially sweet adoption when a kitty like Garrison gets a real home and family, and we were so excited when he went home with James & Michelle.  They’ve been long-time kitty supporters who helped us get Archie back home in December (a kitty who was abandoned in Florida) and helped Walter get expensive surgery a few years ago to repair two broken ankles.  Garrison is one lucky kitty!