Rescue Tails

Rescue Tails

When JACK‘s guardian died, the family just tossed him out on the street.  Luckily, he lived in a neighborhood where people kept an eye on him . . . kind of.  A dog rescue colleague in the neighborhood noticed Jack had a big abscess on his face a few months ago and took him into our vet.  He was in tough shape, but after a couple of weeks of medication and treatment to drain the infection, he was better.  The dog rescue colleague, who knew us through the vet, contacted us then to see if we could take him.

Honestly, our Director’s first thoughts were:  “Oh brother, another short haired black cat.  There are about a million of them out there.”  Then she and another volunteer, Rick, went to meet him.  They no sooner walked into the boarding space than Jack rolled over, looked up, and did everything but offer them a beer.   Of course we ended up taking Mr. Personality.  He now lives with his new family and four dogs!  He does great with the dogs, as well he should since it was a dog rescuer who started him on the path to his real home!

Skin & bones at only 2.8 lbs, five-year old YUMIKO was found in traffic & brought into a shelter in February.  Kudos to them for giving her a chance.  She came into us shortly afterward with  a serious upper respiratory infection, dental issues, an eye injury, an ear infection, and lice.  She also looked pretty rough.  Her fur was thin, wispy and missing altogether in patches.  In spite of all these ailments, she showed a remarkably calm & trusting disposition.  We named her Yumiko, which is Japanese for “child of dreams”, because we wanted to give this little one a life that she could only dream about in the past.

Yumiko had to have her eye removed because injured eyes can become cancerous over time.  She also needed dental work and a biopsy on her nasal passages.  She faced it all with incredible spirit.  Our Director, who as you may imagine sees a TON of cats, called her “JOY personified.”  Her irrepressible spirit captured the heart of adopter Mallory, and Yumiko, our ‘child of dreams,’ is now living a dream life in her new home.

The fabulous WALLACE — all 21 pounds of him — was rescued from the streets by a tiny rescue group in rural southern Oregon.  He had multiple health issues, and they had limited finances, but they were doing the best they could.   We said we’d take him, and volunteer Jon drove him from Oregon to Oakland in his Porsche.  Jon told us Wallace LOVED riding in the Porsche!  Eight years old and FIV+, Wallace also got eight teeth pulled and treatment for urinary tract crystals.  At his very first adoption fair, when Cassandra – walked in, Wallace put on an irresistible  show for her, lying on his back waving his paws in the air.   Realizing that resistance was futile, Cassandra took him home.