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Meet Wadsworth!


My name is Wadsworth and yes, I’m named after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who was a commanding figure in the culture life of America in the 1800’s. As a poet, he wrote “Paul Revere’s Ride”…Listen my children and you shall hear…” Ooh, wait a minute, you wanted to learn about me, right? So, my name is Wadsworth. I’d say that at 13 lbs, you might describe me as having a “commanding figure.” I have a long coat, a lovely ruff and a tail that can be used to dust furniture (but you wouldn’t do that to someone who has a “commanding figure, now, would you?) But let’s get down to my personality. I’m super confident, curious and outgoing. I seem to be a nice companion kitty in that I like being hear people and getting pets. I’m not that interested in playing and they’ve offered me balls, mouse on a wire, feather toy…nope, I’ll take a couple of pets and some conversation instead. I was just rescued from living in a field in Walnut Creek for 8 months…I had a chip and was neutered, so someone clearly abandoned me. But I don’t hold that against people and I’m quick to purr and lie next to my human. We’re not sure about me and other cats or children quite yet…dog neither. I’m up to date with my shots, tested negative, microchipped and neutered. Check out me in action on my video: http://youtu.be/j8r0gARUoEI

For more information, please contact Maine Coon Adoptions at mainecoonadoptions.apps@gmail.com


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About Maine Coon Adoptions

Maine Coon Adoptions is an all-volunteer, no-kill, cat rescue based in the San Francisco Bay area, California. We rescue Maine Coons and other kitties from kill shelters and from the streets, and find them new homes. Read more about Maine Coon Adoptions...